incident reporting software – for police


The Watson Incident module equips officers with an incident reporting software that is unrivaled in field reporting. Its intelligent user interface reduces report complexity while dramatically improving the speed of the reporting process. Because of its intuitive report flow, client-side validation, and helpful prompts, officers of all experience levels can produce quality, state validated reports in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

The Watson Incident reporting software contains the following attributes in addition to the common features found in all Watson applications:

  • State-specific IBR validation
  • Consolidated searches of state DMV, NLETS, NCIC, and local databases
  • Off-line entry and validation
  • Integrated CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)
  • Incident population from Crash reports
  • Automatically generated required items
  • User-friendly prompts to assist in completing reports
  • Elimination of repetitive entry through data re-use (names, addresses, etc.)
  • Arrest ticket population utilizing suspect information
  • Printing of arrest tickets, affidavits, and bond recommendations
  • Web-based incident review
  • Supervisor review
  • Accountability emails for overdue submission/corrections to supervisors
  • Automated integration with police records management software


Watson Incident has an automated, configurable export which runs frequently to RMS systems current with police officer input. It handles exports of Incident, Memo, Continuation, and Arrest data as well as master name, vehicle, and address updates to RMS. Current exports include:

  • DataDriven Standard XML export
  • Customized export to TriTech RMS™ and ADSI™
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