Forensics using law enforcement evidence software


The Watson Evidence module takes law enforcement evidence software into the field, allowing officers to enter evidence records from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or Android phone. It provides data entry validation and applies rules as needed by category of property. Evidence records can be linked to Incident report properties, vehicles, and people; and it allows the user to attach photos for property identification purposes.

What makes Watson law enforcement evidence software unique?

  • Single entry methodology
  • Seamless integration to other police reports
  • Extension of evidence tracking to the scene of the incident.

After submission by the police officer, property clerks are given special rights to approve, modify, and receive items into evidence.


  • Field requirements by category
  • Validation of money denominations
  • Picture capture
  • Printing Evidence Tags (barcodes)
  • Printing an Evidence Group Report (for inclusion in lock boxes)
  • Unlocking of reports for edit by report author or evidence clerk
  • Auto import to Property and Evidence database of accepted property items
  • Full audit


Watson Evidence has an automated import to the TriTech Property and Evidence module™. Interfaces to other systems can be created upon request.

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