Police using public safety mobile CAD software


The Watson Mobile CAD module, a public safety mobile CAD software, provides officers with dispatches, maps, status updates, and call information in real time. Officers can post status changes and clear calls from their laptop, tablet, or Android Phone. Dispatch locations are viewed using Google Maps™ (including Street View™) and police officers can also use Google Navigation™ if desired when a dispatch is received. The call event detail is also available to populate Incident or Crash reports. For Watson smartPhone users, public safety mobile CAD software allows the officer to have CAD functionality without being tied to a vehicle or laptop.


  • Real-time CAD notifications
  • Call event and status updates
  • Latitude/Longitude capture
  • GPS/Google Maps™ Integration


DataDriven's public safety mobile CAD currently has automated interfaces to TriTech CAD™ and VisionCAD™ (both products of TriTech Inc). Other interfaces can be developed as needed.

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