Mobile law enforcement software – by Watson


Watson Field Reporting for Law Enforcement offers five integrated modules: Incident, Crash, Ticketing, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Evidence. Each integrated module streamlines the process of completing field reports with an unparalleled user-friendly interface and artificial intelligence. With secure communications and advanced authentication, Watson provides law enforcement officers with immediate access to information provided by police database software.

Mobile law enforcement software showing Amber Alert

Report Types

The Watson Field Reporting suite captures the following reports:

  • State-specific IBR Incident reports
  • Departmental Memos
  • Field Interviews
  • Arrests (includes printing misdemeanor, arrest tickets, affidavits, and warrants)
  • Evidence
  • State-specific crash reports
  • Non-investigatory crash reports
  • Parking & Traffic tickets
  • City/County ordinance violation tickets
  • Tow tickets
  • Warnings (for all ticket types)

Suite Features

Some of the features of the Watson Field Reporting suite include:

  • Integrated NCIC, state, and local queries
  • Web-based Admin Tools
  • Web-based Reporting Tools
  • DMV/mug shot photo with person inquiries
  • Data re-use between modules
  • Relationships between reports
  • Department databases integration including GIS Address, warrants & scofflaw
  • Off-line data entry & state-specific validation
  • Intelligent User Interface with field auto-completion
  • Automatic application updates
  • Multi-user capabilities (per device)
  • Automated importing of data to record management systems
  • Administrative and report review web apps
  • Master name, vehicle, and address indices
  • Report history of vehicle, people, and associates
  • Custom fields & validation rules
  • Automated client software updates
  • Auditing of all server inquiries, submissions, and security alterations
  • Google Maps integration
  • Multi-jurisdiction capable*
  • Context-sensitive help

*When multiple jurisdictions share resources, a single Watson system can provide field reporting for law enforcement to agencies independently. System settings, codes, security, exports, and imports (Link to Imports/Exports page) are jurisdiction specific with the capability for an administrator to be assigned to manage one or all jurisdictions.

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