Watson™ Field Reporting for Police Officers

Our field reporting software suite offers 5 modules: Incident reporting, Crash reporting, Ticketing software, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software, and Evidence reporting.

Watson™ Incident Reporting Software
The Watson™ Incident module equips police officers with state-specific IBR validation, consolidated searches of state and local databases, integrated CAD, incident population from Crash reports, and much more.

Watson™ Crash Reporting Software
Watson™ Crash reporting software features auto-population of forms/fields, photo capture, crash data, auto-population of incidents or tickets, voice recording, GPS and Google Maps integration, etc.

Watson™ Ticketing Software
The Watson™ Ticketing module combines parking ticket software and traffic ticket software into a single ticketing software, offers state and local DMV lookups, DMV/Jail photo's, etc. Allows law enforcement to make ticket-writing easy and effortless.

Watson™ Mobile CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)
Our Watson™ Mobile CAD module provides police officers with dispatches, maps, status updates, and call information in real time. Includes latitude / longitude capture, GPS, export features, etc.

Watson™ Evidence
Watson™ evidence software for law enforcement allows police officers to enter evidence records from any mobile device. Police evidence software records can be linked to incident report properties, vehicles, and people.

Watson™ Cloud
Watson™ in the cloud allows the smallest to largest agency to host their Watson purchase in the Nlets cloud, avoiding the initial and ongoing costs that come with hosting backend servers.

Import / Export
The Watson™ field reporting software for law enforcement automatically imports & exports data collected within minutes, to/from various vendors such as TriTech, RedFlex®, and SAS OmniCourt™, ADSI, etc.

Web Applications
Watson™ includes browser applications for report viewing, supervisor review, and administration. Report views are uniquely applied to the role of the users with functionality also limited by the rights and role assigned to the user.